Canela En Surco is so proud to present in this last day of our third season, to one of the most interesting diggers in Europe; Mr. Luka Novakovic.

The man behind Discom records and Disco Not Disco has released two of the best reissue works in the past year; first with the Boban Petrovic – Zora Lp last year, and recently with the big compilation of Max Vincent best songs “The Future Has Designed Us”.

Truly dedicated to present less know music from former Yugoslavia, Luka Novakovic bring us an hour of unreleased demos, speeches from the comunist time and some of the most unknown gems in there..

We got crazy some time ago listening Yugoelectro Vol.1.., now we host the 2nd Volume on Canela En Surco…

Check Check Check!

1.- Rex Ilusivii- Ptice (demo 1983.)

including prime minister’s “multiple personality disorder” statements.

2.- Kristijan Bolbort- Holandez (unreleased)
3.- Zeleno Lice- Kad Jednom Odem (unreleased)
4.- Denis&Denis – Sacuvaj Nesto, Cuvaj se!, Jugoton 1984.
5.- Intro to “Belgrade Waterfront” story, akas “How 3 billion USD is actually 300 million USD”
6.- U Skripcu- Beograd Spava, O je!, Jugoton 1983.
7.- Various Artist- Beogradski Davitelj (unreleased)

Development: prime minister’s “wet” dreams about “Belgrade Waterfront”

8.- Gustaph Y Njegovi Dobri Duhovi- Zrtve Plesa, V, A 1986.
9.- U Skripcu- Suma, Godine Ljubavi, Jugoton 1982.
10.- Peak: Praise for prime ministar’s magnificant work by highly intelectual voters.

(“Ode To Pavement Road”)

11.-Nezaboran San O- Nemamo (unreleased)
12.- ZZ Up- Kao Nekad u 8 (unreleased)
13.- Beograd- Mracni Predmet Zelja (unreleased)
14.- Lorenzo& Marconny- U Potrazi Za Sobom, Self titled, PGP 1986
15.- Rex Ilusivii medley (Oliver Mandic-Suma, Ljuljaj Me Nezno, PGP 1981/ with Masimo Savic “Bori se za mene” demo 1986/Katarina II-Geto, Self titled, RTVL, 1984/ with Milan Mladenovic “Courage!”, Disillusioned!, M Produkcija Radio Novog Sada, 1987)