On 29 July we invited the owners of one of our favourite labels, Sacha Mambo & Guillaume Des Bois aka Macadam Mambo DJs, to play records at one of our parties at Razzmatazz. This was the closing party of the season on the rooftop of the club, complete with Galician empanadas and the mighty Gus Van Sound, co-owner of the labels Clásicos del Ruido & Polybius Trax. Thank you to all the lovely dancers that attended.
We arrived a little late and missed soundcheck, so there are two songs that sound crunchy due to a bad needle, but we prefer to let the people hear it as it was.

Abu Sou & Chez Ed from 00:00 to 43:47
Macadam Mambo Djs (Sacha Mambo & Guillaume Des Bois) from 43:47 to 2:00:18
Gus Van Sound from 2:00:18 to end